LONG TERM RESULTS: 9 Years 2 Months
- Chao Pinhole® - Caesar

LONG TERM RESULTS - 9 Years 7 Months
INCREDIBLE Results of Chao Pinhole®
Patient - Cynthia

10 Months Result - Chao Pinhole®
Surgical Technique - Sherry

Chao Pinhole® Replaced Filling
with Gum Tissue - Ignacio

Thickening of the Attached Gingiva, and
Partial Papilla Regeneration
| Chao Pinhole®

Patient Evelyn PST Post Op Video

PST on abutment recently done

PST & CEREC crown in 1 appointment

DA says "we have happy patients!"

September Live Surgery-1wk post op

PST for lower class III interiors - PART 1 »

PST for lower class III interiors - PART 2

Attendee doctor gets PST

1wk post op Sept. seminar-11sites "painless"

PST dominates 1st page of Google

PST saved crowns

Special Patient Testimonial


Pinhole healed in 1 day

Severe molar recession

Patient explains PST for doctors