Doctors Comments:

Craig M Scimeca, DDS, MAGD – "What you "All" did from A-Z, I felt MORE than I paid you for the course, AWSOME JOB. I feel very confident to perform this treatment on my many patients who are currently in need of it."

Linclon Parker, DMD – "Love, love, love, love the cadaver hands-on."

Dean Daniele, DMD – "Best hands on training I ever did in my life (I have been to most). Many major Implant, bone and soft tissue grafting courses worldwide, Sweden Switzerland, USA, etc and I have never had such a great cadaver specimen to learn from. This was the best ever."

David Ludwig, DDS – "Overall an excellent course with training that will allow me to start cases on Monday! Thank you!"

Jon Bauman, DDS – "The course, the staff support, facility and meals were all exceptional!"

Dr. Mike Chusid – "My results have been nothing short of amazing. This procedure is terrific!"

Dr. David A. Zeitlin – "Excellent course! Very well done! Extremely informative and enjoyable! I look forward to getting my 1st case done ASAP!"

Dr. Louis Seiglman – "I've attended much of the best CE in dentistry. This course was in the top tier of educational experiences. Dr. Chao has created a well thought out and effective system. I highly recommend the course."

Kelly Clifford – "The whole thing was so well done. Dr. Chao was very helpful with one-on-one care. All the trainers were very knowledgeable."

Larrissa Pirro – "Dr. Chao's presentation was the best I've ever experienced. I thoroughly appreciate Danielle's expertise. Training went so much better than imaginable."

Dr. Wendy Austen Schopf – "This has been an amazing course. It far exceeded my expectations!! Dr. Chao and staff are incredible!"

Jehyun Ryu – "Hands on was very helpful. The small group really enhanced the educational experience."

Dr. Nancy Kubecka – "I loved this course totally. Best I have ever attended. We enjoyed Peggy our personal helper and instructor for the weekend. She is fabulous and awesome."

Frank Feuille, DDS and Bryan Kalesh, DDS – "I am super impressed with the organization of this course! The team and guest speakers were knowledgeable and expertise. Our training assistant Joy was amazing! She went above and beyond to help us with our training."

Sonya Wintzell, DMD - "I have trained at Misch., Pankey, Dawson, Spear, etc. This was the best course ever. I feel very prepared."

Suzanne Bergman, DDS - "This was a highly eduacational course. I plan to start offering the procedure as soon as I get home."

Jayma Claus, DDS, MAGD - "Dr. Chao has taken the best principles from other techniques and put them all together differently to provide a unique technique and awesome patient experience. I am lucky to have had Dr. Chao be a wonderful mentor."

Gary Alder, DDS - "I have seen the demise of the gingivectomy followed by aggressive flap surgery, empahsis of home care. Emphasis on non-surgical intervention, recognition of the biotome, initiation of tissue regeneration and now minimally invasive surgery that improves prognosis, less painful periodontal disease."

Constantin Lorenz, DDS (Germany) - "I am so proud to visit you and your course. For me as a young dentist it was a great experince to learn the Pinhole® technique. With the best wishes for the future."

Edwin Mims, DMD - "From a life long C.E junkie, this is the very best clinical C.E I have ever experienced. Dr. Chao has it down pat jam packed hands on on pig jaws, cadavers, typodonts, lecture, tons of fun food, great support staff and coaching-THE BEST!"

David Smith, DDS - "This course has been exceptionally well organized. I am extremely impressed with the entire Pinhole® Academy team. Everyone is on the same page and understands the purpose of educating doctors to become excellent practioners of the Pinhole Technique. Very well done! I will certainly recommend this course to other doctors that I know."

Hap Nguyen, DDS - "Thank you for providing a through and detailed course on this innovative pinhole procedure in rejuvenating patients gums. I'm impressed by the research and long -term studies as well as the extensive hands-on training providing in only 2-days. I'm leaving this course with full confidence in offering this pinhole gum rejuventation procedure to my patients. Dr. Chao, thank you for presenting your amazing technique in such an exciting and fun day!"

Tom Nguyen, DMD - "Thank you Dr. Chao, instructors, and staff at the Pinhole Academy for making this a wonderful learning experience for my team. We will make this wonderful, amazing technique known to our community."

Hiru Mathur,DDS (Periodontist) - "Everything was perfect. Wish I had not waited so long to take this course."

Robert Pullium, DMD (Periodontist) - "Dr. Chao is a great teacher. He is lucky to have such amazing staff around him each day."

Elio Reyes, DDS (Periodontist) - "As a periodontist, I am excited to to start using this technique. The pinhole® technique provides clinicians with the tools to handle successfully, one of the most common problems on anyone's patient population."

Yaritza Miranda,DMD (Periodontist) - "Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on PST. This course has been amazing with caring people all around! Thanks a ton!"

Amit Patel, DDS (Periodontist) - "Not only was the course itself a great learning experince, but the service of the team was top notch. Everyone was very informative and welcoming to all guests. As a periodontist, I learned a new way of doing my soft tissue procedures and another great marketing tool for our brand. Thank you to Dr. Chao and the whole Pinhole® Team!"

Jeremy Lowy, DMD (Perio-Resident) - "As a periodontal resident, like many periodontist, I was skeptical about the long term results of pinhole®. I can say that after attending this course all of my questions have been answered. This course was great and I highly recommend it to any dental practioners."

Daniel Carcamo del Rio, DDS (Periodontist, Spain) - "Dr. Chao! I've enjoyed this course like no other before. You have a great technique, but you have a better team ever. I'm proud to be part of this group."

Sameer Dogra,DMD - "I appreciate and thank you for sharing the amazing talent you have to bring the level of dentistry to a level above that I am right now."

Robin Hawley, DDS - "Excellent instruction on an exciting procedure. I am anxious to share this with my patients. Thanks for making this available to us!"

Jonathan Bernstein, DDS - "Sincere appreciation for sharing your exciting and innovative approach to gingival recession. Your staff support is remarkable."

Edison Louie, DDS - "This has been an amazing and very satisfying course! You are well prepared to start cases immediately."

Shahrzad Salartash, DDS - "Thank you for sharing your genious ideas and patients with other dentists."

William Duguid, BDS (Oral Surgeon, Barbados) - "Tremendous course, really enjoyed it. Anxious to do my first case."

Anurag Gupta, DMD - "Thank you for a great seminar and course. Everything was very well planned and organized. I hope to come back in the future."

John Argeros, DMD - "I have beento many, many courses over 40 years of practice and i must say that this course exceeded my expectations in all ways. Thank you for a great educational experience!"

Albert Oh, DDS - "Thanks for this wonderful course. I've learned so much and super excited to start helping patients get rid of their recession. Thank you Dr. Chao and his staff for excellent course both didactically and clinically."

Kerry Bloom, DDS - "Thank you for the oppurtunity to learn and share PST with me and my team. We can't wait to share this with our patients."

Michael Kelly, DMD - "Amazing learning experience. Team efficient and knowledgeable. Fantastic clinical with cadavers that will ensure success on monday."

Kimberly Hubenette, DDS - "Absolutely the best hands on course and value for your hard earned money. This program that Dr. John Chao and his team developed is world class! Thank you for all of your training tips and techniques."

Jochen Rosbach, DDS (Germany) - " A great experience of a unique technique. Very well done, Dr. Chao!"

Darrell Petersen, DDS - "Dr. Chao, thank you so much for this great learning oppurtunity! Absolutely the best hands on course I've attended. You and your staff were excellent instructors. The course was AAA+."

Nancy Kubecka, DDS - "So proud to be the 2000th dentist to train for the pinhole® technique. You have been inspirational and great teacher! Thank you for all you do to make us all successful."

Lannae Phelps, DDS - "Thank you so much Dr. Chao and team. You made this a wonderful experience and we as a team will be ready monday morning to start doing Pinhole®. Thanks again!"

Po Po Chui, D.D.S. - "It was a very awesome class. Dr. Chao has exceptional skills I would never thought there is so many details until I attend the class. Dr. Chao has well thought through on every detail.”

Max Lingo, D.D.S. - “Possibly best CE course I’ve attended over my 40+ year career.”

Robert Bunn, D.D.S. - “The course was one of the most thought out courses I have ever taken in my 30 practice years.”

John Vollenweider, D.M.D. - “Dr. Chao is very open, honest and approachable. Making for a superb educational experience.”

Thomas Nymberg D.D.S. - “The most complete, detailed, organized, useful seminar I have attended in 28 years. Dr. Chao and his entire staff were knowledgeable, approachable and genuinely kind."

Brian Young, DDS (Periodontist) - "I congratulate you (Dr. Chao) and your team on a fantastic course. It was very well run, comprehensive and enlightening. Very few times do we have game changers in our practice and this is for sure one of them. Thank you so much!"

Jeff Milone, DDS (Periodontist) - “What a fantastic course! The first course I’ve attended in years that has taught something so new and exciting with so much benefit for our patients. Dr. Chao is not only a brilliant and entertaining speaker, but a really nice as well. The staff couldn't have been nicer or more informative as well. Thanks for a great weekend."

Trang Salzberg, D.D.S. (Periodontist) - “This course exceeds my expectations. Very impressive and knowledgeable staff!”

Michael Pawlus, D.D.S., MS (Periodontist) - "The hands-on cadaver training was excellent. Really the best hands-on training I’ve had.”

Tasso Irinakis D.D.S. (Periodontist) - “Thank you John, Sal and all the ladies for a phenomenal experience. You have created a wonderful gift to soft tissue grafting and dentistry overall. I feel privileged to have been taught by you. This knowledge will take my practice to the next level as a periodontist.”

Daniel Kantarovich, DDS (Prosthodontist) - "As a prosthodontist who places dental implants and performs bone grafting this course presented a great opportunity to provide my patients with a breakthrough "gum lift" technique which will truly separate my practice from others. Most importantly, the winners will be my patients who benefit from the procedure."

Neil Zachs, DMD (Periodontist) - "Loved It!!! Had a great time learning something new. It has been a long time since I learned a new and practice technique."

Alison Mayers, B.D.S. (Barbados) - “Fantastic. Absolutely Fantastic. Honestly the best course I have done in 20 years committed to CE. Would heartily recommend Dr. Chao this technique to anyone interested in offering better care to their patients. Thanks a million!”

Christopher Lee, B.D.S. (Australia) - “Inspirational to see what Dr. Chao has achieved.”

Irene Monterotti, D.D.S. (Italy) - “Best course, great time!!! Thanks Dr. Chao!”

Line Engelstad D.D.S. (Norway) - “Very professionally organized and presented. Extremely helpful staff, overall enthusiastic and positive atmosphere. Realistic and convincing presentation of long-term result cases.”

Anca and Alexandru Cismas, D.D.S. (Ireland) - “Thank you so much for every minute, second spent together. We appreciate all the team, Dr. Chao and Sal. Thank you for the surprise! 1st class team!!!”

Alejandro James DDS (Mexico) - “Thank you! Wonderful Experience!”

Evelyn Choucri DMD (Canada) - “Thank you so much for this amazing class! Truly revolutionary, and I can’t wait to start my first case.”

Evdokia Chasioti, DDS (London, UK) - "The course was amazing!!! Thank you Dr. Chao for exposing us to this spectacular atraumatic, minimally invasive gum rejuvenation technique!"

Gunther Nahles, DMD (Germany) - "Thanks a lot to Dr. Chao and the whole team who do a wonderful job. I enjoyed the course and my expectations were more than reached. Thank you."

Alexandra Voganatsi, DDS (Germany) - "This course is highly professional. Dr. Chao is a highly qualified doctor and his technique is unique. I am very pleased I took the course. Thanks a lot."

Inan Erkan, DDS (Switzerland) - "Wonderful course, by experience lovely people! Great team. Thanks a lot for teaching me the brilliant technique."

Babak Behbahani, DMD - "This was a great class. It was very enjoying. Dr. Chao is a great presenter and an awesome personality. The course is laid out very simple and straight forward with amazing hands-on cadaver experience. I truly enjoyed this class."

Maria Galdiano, DMD - "Great seminar Pinhole® Academy! From course structure, organization and logistics everything was well thought out. Course content is great and something leaned can be applied the next work day! Thanks to Dr. Chao and his team! Great job guys!"

Alvin Daboul, DDS - "Thank you Dr. Chao. You have an amazing staff. I’m really excited to go home and start using Pinhole®."

Kari Bolen DDS - "Thank you for the great course and the new skill that I achieved. I can’t wait to schedule my first case when I get home."

Vivencio Abante, DDS - "A million thanks to Dr. Chao and to and your staff. You guys are amazing!!! This is the best seminar I’ve ever attended."

Ross Hildebrand, DDS - "The accomplishment Dr. Chao as made of this technique and instrumentation is phenomenal. What a well-planned, well-gifted clinical experience. Thank you for all your dedication!"

Rebecca Steinbach, DDS - "Amazing course! This has been the best CE course I have taken many, many, many years. A revolutionary technique that will be a "game-changer" in the treatment and management of a condition that goes largely unaddressed in every dental office. The cadaver training provides a hands-on experience that will prove to be invaluable for taking this education from the classroom to the operatory. Thank you."

Bernard Bos, DDS - "This is the best ran and presented program I have attended. Totally 1st class in information and presentation."

Steve Crandall, DMD - "Dr. Chao is a very talented speaker and instructor. He has well thought out his technique and the teaching of his procedure. His staff are wonderful and helpful at every turn. Two great days of instructions I am leaving feeling well prepared to implement the procedure."

Ronda Green, DDS - "Thank you for the opportunity to experience hands on technique. Your staff was amazing as well. Can’t wait to get home and perform my first Pinhole® procedure."

Gertrude Lee, DMD - "Dr. Chao is an amazing inventor and communicator. Such energy and enthusiasm! It's infectious! Cadaver training really beneficial.”

Robin Hawley, DDS - "Excellent instructions om exciting procedure. I am anxious to share this with my patients. Thanks for making this available to us!"

Mitul Patel, DDS - "Thank you Dr. Chao and the entire Pinhole® Team for a fantastic experience. Thanks for sharing with me all your talent and your passion in helping people that need help with this procedure. Life Changer!"

Germaine Gottsche DDS - “This course was fantastic! The team was so helpful. Training on cadavers was the best!”

Gregory Wilson DDS - “One of the best courses ever, truly visionary.”

Stanley Halpern DDS - “One of the best participation courses I have ever attended in 35 years of practice. The staff and Dr. Chao were so friendly, helpful, professional and knowledgeable.”

Frank Benson DDS - “Fabulous Course! Would recommend it without reservation.”

Cindy Wolt, DDS - "Excellent course. Exciting new technology and theory. Hands-on definitely prepares you to go back to the office with skills needed to get started! Highly recommend."

Donna Thomas-Moses DDS - “Most beneficial for periodontists! This procedure will become most advantageous to add to my other grafting techniques. My patient will benefit!”

Abbey Lee DDS - “The cadaver hands-on clinic experience and seeing Dr. Chao’s “line” surgery has made this one of the best CE courses I have ever taken.”

Jason Zuch DDS - “The course was well organized. Dr. Chao is passionate about the pinhole® technique he invented, and his enthusiasm is contagious to the other attendees.”

Thomas Nymberg DDS - “The most complete, detailed, organized, useful seminar I have attended in 28 years. Dr. Chao and his entire staff were knowledgeable, approachable and genuinely kind.”

Jill Hayes DDS - “I am very excited to offer this treatment to my patients.”

Michael Bell DDS - “One of the most innovative and exciting learning experience in my 37 years of dentistry. Will change way dentistry treats gingival recession!”

Melinda Harr DDS - “Amazing course- I had high expectations and you (Dr. Chao) blew them away- very impressed! Very organized, great one on one time with instructor Dr. Chao. I feel confident and excited to start providing this procedure.”

John Marietta DDS - “Cadaver-excellent helped me feel confident of my skills in performing this procedure.”