Pinhole Academy Welcomes International Doctors!


Pinhole Academy is proud to welcome several International doctors to our next course.

Virgil Popa, Liege; Belgium. The 1st doctor from Belgium to attend the course.

Ignacio Perez Herrera; Sevilla, Spain. 5th doctor from Spain.

Ingrid Cruz-Jove; Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. 2nd doctor from Puerto Rico.

Eitan Baar; Beer Sheva, Israel- 3rd Doctor from Israel.

Dustin Wilde, Clint Henrie and Kent Marchant; Anchorage, AK- The first doctors from the state of Alaska.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is not only sweeping the nation, but the world. Don’t miss out. Enroll today with Pinohle Academy



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