Pinhole Academy Welcome Doctors from Philippines, Germany and Canada!

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Pinhole Academy is excited to announce our newest International Doctors that will be attending the Pinhole Seminar.

Rosemarie Syjuco, from Corinthian Hills, Philippines is our 3rd doctor from Philippines.

Jochen Rosbach, from Markgroeningen, Germany is our 16th doctor from Germany.

Stanislav Pavlenko, from Edmonton, Canada

Doctors from all over the world are traveling to the U.S. to learn the Pinhole Surgical Technique from Dr. John Chao.

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Pinhole Academy’s Newest International Doctors to Attend Course

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Pinhole Academy is proud to announce the attendance of the following international doctors to our Pinhole Course.

Mohammaad AlshalkhEid, DMD – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia- 1st doctor from Saudi Arabia

William Duguid, BDS – St. Michael, Barbados- 2nd doctor from Barbados

Constantin Lorenz, DDS – Munster, Germany- 15th doctor from Germany

Seyed Hamzeh Aghaie Kakroudi, DDS ,Miki Zlatanovski, DDS, Jonathan Bergeron, DDS
Simon Lin, DDS- Canada.

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Pinhole Academy Welcomes International Doctors!


Pinhole Academy is proud to welcome several International doctors to our next course.

Virgil Popa, Liege; Belgium. The 1st doctor from Belgium to attend the course.

Ignacio Perez Herrera; Sevilla, Spain. 5th doctor from Spain.

Ingrid Cruz-Jove; Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. 2nd doctor from Puerto Rico.

Eitan Baar; Beer Sheva, Israel- 3rd Doctor from Israel.

Dustin Wilde, Clint Henrie and Kent Marchant; Anchorage, AK- The first doctors from the state of Alaska.

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6th Doctor from London, UK to Join Upcoming Pinhole Course!

Pinhole Academy

Dr. John Chao and the Pinhole Academy is proud to announce the enrollment of their 6th doctor from London, UK.  Angenny Pulido Calvo, BDS is excited to be joining our next Pinhole seminar.

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Pinhole Academy Welcomes Doctors from Romania, Italy and Philippines!

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Pinhole Academy is excited to announce our newest International Doctors that will be attending the Pinhole Seminar.

Angelica Opera, from Sibiu, Romania will be our 4th doctor from Romania.

Alesandro Mancin from Bologna, Italy is our 14th doctor from Italy.

Gina Bedea from Cebu City, Philappines will be our 2nd doctor from the Philippines.

Doctors from all over the world are traveling to the U.S. to learn the Pinhole Surgical Technique from Dr. John Chao.

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“OMG! I Have “Horsey” Teeth! | Pinhole Surgical Technique


Besides being fun to do, selfies can lead to finding problems with front teeth which you may not have suspected.   A recent report from the UK cited a substantial increase in the number of people who take selfies, then seek treatment for what they believe (rightly or wrongly) to be long (“horsey”) teeth.   Horsey teeth are those where the gum line has receded so much that the roots of the teeth are showing.  This phenomenon, which afflicts at least half of the population between the age of 18-65 according to the American Dental Association, is called “gingival recession” (receding gums).  To the extent that selfies lead to self-assessment as to one’s dental health, it’s a welcome development from the point of view of the dental profession.  Correcting receding gums traditionally calls for grafting a sliver of tissue from the root of the mouth and transplanting it to the problem tooth.  This results in two surgical sites.  The wound at the roof of the mouth leads to the painful symptoms people associate with grafting.

A new scalpel-free, stitch-free method invented by this columnist, is now available all over the world for correcting this “horsey” tooth problem. The entire procedure is done through a “Pinhole.”  It’s called Chao Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation Technique.   This method is “easy,” “quick,” and “instant.”   It’s easy on the patient because there is practically no pain, swelling or bleeding afterwards.  It’s quick because it takes about less than half the time compared to traditional grafting.  It’s instant because the patient can see the immediate change without having to waiting for the stitches removed two or three weeks later.

About 1500 dentists are now practicing the Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation in the U.S., Canada and around the world.  This includes over 400 periodontists (gum specialists).

Chao Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation has been featured on at least 300 TV stations across the country, including the Doctor’s Show, KABC (Los Angeles) and KNBC (Los Angeles).

Of course it is possible Selfies may present a distortion of the prominence the front teeth.  But if you have doubt about whether you have gum recession, you should visit your dentist.  Receding gums means you are losing gum and bone around your teeth.  This may be a progressively deteriorating problem which, if not corrected, may in some circumstance lead to premature loss of the tooth.

So, enjoy take pictures of your smile with Selfies.  Make your smile even more beautiful by visiting your dentist regularly.



Pinhole Academy Welcomes First Doctor from New Zealand and Bermuda!

Pinhole Academy is proud to announce the first doctors attending the course from New Zealand, Dr. Timothy Rich and Bermuda, Dr. Lorna Hall. We also welcome Dr. Avu Bakar our 5th doctor from the U.K.

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