Pinhole Academy Excited to Welcome Several International Doctors to Course

pinhole surgical technique

Pinhole academy is excited to welcome several doctors from around the world who will be attending our next course.

Attendees include Shujia Cheng, BDS  from Victoria, Australia and Mike Holmes, BDS, BSc from Johannesburg, South Africa. Our first ever doctor from South Africa!

From our neighbor to the north, Canada, we have Seyed Kamalbake, DDS, Kuldeep Sandhu, DDS and Milica Stamenkovic from Ontario and Elliot Mechanic, DDS from Quebec.

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Pinhole Seminar Announces 2000th Doctor!


Pinhole Academy’s Nvemeber 4th seminar had their 2000th doctor in attendance. Watch as doctors at this seminar perform the Pinhole Surgical Technique on real human cadavers and live patients. Graduates of this course applaud Dr. Chao and his revolutionary procedure for gum recession.


Pinhole Academy is Proud to Welcome Doctors from Around the Globe

pinhole surgical technique

Our next course is this weekend November 4-5 and we are proud to welcome Dr. Josine Ferlito and Danilo Strumendo from Australia, Richard Guerin from Hawaii, and Kenneth Hamin, Wayne Karp and Andrew Lee from Canada.

Dr. Ferlito and Strumendo are our 15 and 16th doctor from Australia and Richard Guerin is our 4h doctor from Hawaii.

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Pinhole Academy Welcome Doctors from Philippines, Germany and Canada!

pinhole surgical technique

Pinhole Academy is excited to announce our newest International Doctors that will be attending the Pinhole Seminar.

Rosemarie Syjuco, from Corinthian Hills, Philippines is our 3rd doctor from Philippines.

Jochen Rosbach, from Markgroeningen, Germany is our 16th doctor from Germany.

Stanislav Pavlenko, from Edmonton, Canada

Doctors from all over the world are traveling to the U.S. to learn the Pinhole Surgical Technique from Dr. John Chao.

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Pinhole Academy’s Newest International Doctors to Attend Course

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Pinhole Academy is proud to announce the attendance of the following international doctors to our Pinhole Course.

Mohammaad AlshalkhEid, DMD – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia- 1st doctor from Saudi Arabia

William Duguid, BDS – St. Michael, Barbados- 2nd doctor from Barbados

Constantin Lorenz, DDS – Munster, Germany- 15th doctor from Germany

Seyed Hamzeh Aghaie Kakroudi, DDS ,Miki Zlatanovski, DDS, Jonathan Bergeron, DDS
Simon Lin, DDS- Canada.

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Pinhole Academy Welcomes First Doctor from New Zealand and Bermuda!

Pinhole Academy is proud to announce the first doctors attending the course from New Zealand, Dr. Timothy Rich and Bermuda, Dr. Lorna Hall. We also welcome Dr. Avu Bakar our 5th doctor from the U.K.

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